21 Best Ways to Increase E-commerce Conversions

Boost your store conversion

21 Best Ways to Increase E-commerce Conversions

Ways to Increase ecommerce conversions

“Conversion” is a marketing terminology used by digital marketing professionals in the industry. Is getting a sale called as conversion? Yes, a sale is also an conversion but it is not the only one. There are other conversions too : a website visitor signing up for a free trial, subscribing to a newsletter, downloading an ebook, watching an explainer video, etc.

For an ecommerce store, for a sale to happen, there are several steps in the process. The website visitor visits a product page of interest, then does Add to cart. The next step is initiating check out process and the final step is the payment and purchase. Each and every step can be treated as an conversion. This is also called as a Sales funnel.

If you improve the conversion rate at each of these steps, you are moving your website visitors through the sales funnel. This process is called Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO).

1. Analyze your website visitors using Google Analytics

2. Use an Exit Intent Popup to capture your leaving visitors

3. Use A/B Testing for your website content such as homepage heading, slideshow images,etc.

4. Use a notification bar or banner to make your website visitors take action

5. Use Email marketing to nurture the leads you have acquired at appropriate stages.

6. Provide a free course or ebook for your website visitors

7. Add Real Customer Testimonials

8. Make your website SSL secured to make your website visitors feel secure

9. Display Security, Payment, Partners badges  to increase trust of your website visitor

10. Create an explainer video and make it viewable as soon as the visitor lands on your homepage.

11. Reduce the checkout process steps : Make a one page checkout process.

12. Bring back abandoned cart users through automated email followups.

13. Use Google Ads remarketing to move the visitors from one step to another step of the sale process.

14. You can link your Google Adwords account and Analytics account to better retarget your visitors.

15. Set up Facebook Pixel tracking and run ad campaigns based on the visitor’s current step.

16. Use a visitor video recording tool to analyze and understand user behaviour and where they get stuck.

17. Use a heat map analytics tool to understand where your website visitors click and read.

18. Use a live chat software and ensure you answer the queries in your business hours.

19. Create an irresistible offer(Trip Wire) by providing an item at very low price and acquire an customer. Once you have gained their trust, you can upsell your high value items.

20. Produce a short high quality video of duration less than 1.5 minutes and set up a youtube video ad. Just like how Grammarly did.

21. Displaying Social Proof in real time notifications is a latest trend in increasing your store conversions. FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) effect : visitors tend to take action when others make a purchase or signup.

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